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The Direction of the Spirit

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The pastors and leaders who participate in this movement come together at Seminars in different continents a few times a year, but more frequently in Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine and Russia. We expect to hold Seminars in other countries starting in 2006.

However, these pastors keep constant contact with each other through the Internet and fax, exchanging testimonies, requests for prayers, biblical messages and spiritual gifts that the Lord shows about each other. This exchange of request for prayers and the spiritual gifts that the Lord grants in response to prayers have been a reason for special edification to the pastors and leaders involved.

Pastors and leaders who wish to participate in any one of these Seminar can write an e-mail to this site to receive information about our next Seminars in your country.

Pastors may be sent to any country where there is a need for a Seminar or a meeting to explain the 7 theses listed in this site. Pastors and leaders may also write an e-mail to this site.