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Our primary objective is to divulge the Work that the Holy Spirit is in charge to perform at this last hour, by revealing that the Lord Jesus is alive, manifesting the real presence of Christ in the midst of the Church and preparing the Bride for the rapture. In particular, we intend to announce the need for the Church to live the biblical doctrines referred in the 7 theses listed in this Site, since many churches seem to have forgotten them or not to understand the need for them to be practiced rather than only believed in.

We believe that the observation of the doctrines referred to in the 7 theses is necessary for the Lord to be able to pour out His Spirit and so that the revival that occur as a result of this outpouring may last until the Lord Jesus’ return.

Another basic objective is to promote the establishment of a true spiritual fellowship among pastors and leaders of Pentecostal and moderate Charismatic churches from all countries. This is a purely spiritual fellowship, since it does not involve submission to human leaders or adherence to denominations of unions of churches.

We believe that this fellowship among pastors and leaders is pleasant to God and necessary so that the Lord may operate in a full manner in any church, by baptizing with the Holy Spirit, imparting spiritual gifts and leading the church.

Therefore, no matter what city, region or country they may live in, pastors and leaders from different unions of churches or denominations who decide to put these doctrines into practice will feel the need to be in fellowship with each other regardless of the fact that they may belong to different unions or denominations.