Doctrine and Life

Doctrine and Life

There is a great need in the churches in general of practical knowledge regarding certain doctrines of the Word of God. The knowledge of the doctrine should have a practical consequence in terms of the edification of the Church. In its daily life the Church should, therefore, give a testimony that will confirm its faith in the biblical teachings and that demonstrate its love and faithfulness to the Lord God.

There are several doctrines that the Church has not been living or practicing as well as it should. Among them we would highlight the doctrines of the Church as the body of Christ, the 5 ministries (Eph. 4:11), the spiritual gifts used with wisdom and discernment, Jesus as the Head of the Church, the power of the Blood of Jesus, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, who transmits the orientations from the Lord to His Church.

The Lord has taught thousands of local churches in several countries to give heed to and put these doctrines (the “Word of their testimony”, Rev, 12:11) into practice. The result of this practice has been a powerful edification of the Body of Christ characterized by a Work of sanctification and salvation, a great emphasis to evangelization and the true presence of Jesus in the midst of His people.

In other countries, such as those in Eastern Europe, the Lord led countless churches to fight to give the testimony that glorifies the Lord and helped them to be “faithful until death” in face of terrible persecutions, a testimony that the Church must know so that it may receive the necessary edification to be prepared for the rapture. (Rev. 12:11)

This fellowship among pastors and leaders and churches, fostering the union between the Doctrine and the Testimony, creates the conditions for the faithful Church to benefit from all the necessary means for its edification.