We understand, based on God’s Word, the Bible, that the Lord wants to pour out His Spirit abundantly upon His Church in every part of the world, promoting a great spiritual awakening, so as to prepare the Church for its encounter with the Lord Jesus on the day of the rapture.

In order to be prepared for this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Churches need to (1) live in sanctification, (2) obey the Word of God, (3) seek the baptism with the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts, (4) learn to use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment, and submission to the pastors, (5) submit to the Ruling of the Lord Jesus as the Head of the Church, his Body, and (6) try to dwell together in union.

Among the conditions referred to above, we call your attention to the need to the appropriate use of the spiritual gifts. The reason is simple. If a local Church or a union of churches do not learn to “use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment”, in case there is an outpouring of the Spirit, its effects will not last very long and a possible revival will cease in a relatively short time. This happens because the gifts used inappropriately become a source of problems for the churches, resulting in loss of faith in the gifts.

However, as a church or a union of churches learn to use the spiritual gifts with wisdom and discernment, judging them and interpreting them, under the supervision of its pastors, the Lord Jesus is able to govern the Church, and the revival will last until the Lord Jesus’ glorious return.

For this reason, in this site we emphasize the need for the biblical use of the spiritual gifts and we transmit a few teachings about how to practice the spiritual gifts with discernment, decency and order – as the scriptures recommend – and how to apply them with wisdom.

Finally, in order for the Lord to operate a revival in a certain city, region, or country, it is important for the pastors who want to be directed by the Holy Spirit in that locality to have spiritual fellowship with each other. This fellowship may start with prayer meetings where the priority is to seek the spiritual gifts and allow the Lord Jesus to guide these pastors.