Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of pastors with responsibilities in various Pentecostal and Charismatic (evangelicals) unions of churches, denominations and independent churches from different countries that understood the Lord’s will at this prophetic moment to promote the spiritual unity of the Church. We are united only by a spiritual communion since we did not create any formal association. We decided to create this site in an informal way.

The churches we are associated with have been gradually awaken to the need of establishing a spiritual communion among them and, therefore, have started to intercede for one another so that the Lord’s Work may the carried out among us in a full manner. These are churches that went through and overcame many struggles which were necessary for the strengthening of the Church.

In some countries, these churches have struggled to establish the doctrine (“the Word of their testimony”) that we now proclaim, which is necessary so that the Church may be victorious at this prophetic moment. In other countries, such as those of Eastern Europe, they fought to establish the Testimony that is necessary for the edification of the Church at this time, even facing terrible persecution (“they did not love their lives to the death”, Rev. 12:11).

We believe we are being led by the Holy Spirit, firstly because we are making possible the union between the Doctrine and the Testimony that exalt God, since both proclaim the faithfulness and the love of the Church for the Lord Jesus.

Secondly, we believe that the Lord is leading us because this Work does not aim at the promotion of great leaders or the promotion of any union of churches or denomination. We do not constitute any association or formal entity.

So far, this fellowship gathers pastors and, in some cases, also churches from various countries, such as Belarus, Brazil, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and the United States, among others. In many other countries we have found evangelical pastors that already share the goal to be ruled by the Lord Jesus and to seek the Unity of the Church all over the world and therefore felt to have been called to have fellowship with us.

These churches and pastors and Pentecostals or moderate Charismatics (Charismatics who do not accept the doctrinal innovations which came up in the second half of the XX century) who believe in the doctrines of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gifts, and the Government of the Lord Jesus over His Church.