In several parts of the world pastors and churches have experimented the doctrines and the practices mentioned in this site. This section intends to list some of these testimonies to serve as edification and example.

We believe that, as churches and pastors see that these doctrines really work in practice and promote a special edification of the people of God in whatever part of the world, regardless of the culture of its country or Christian experience of each church, they will feel encouraged to put them into practice.

The testimonies will concentrate on the following themes (click on the number corresponding to the section you want to read):

(1) Gifts and Evangelism – Operations of the Lord through the spiritual gifts confirming the preaching of the Work in the evangelization (signs and miracles),
(2) One Body, One Faith – Experiences of establishing and developing fellowship among different churches or pastors,
(3) Seeking Spiritual Gifts – Answers from the Lord to seeking the spiritual gifts by churches or pastors,
(4) Witnesses and Martyrs – Testimonies about servants and churches that passed through hard times of persecutions – especially in Eastern Europe and
(5) The Leading of the Spirit – Orientations from the Lord to churches or pastors that have resulted in blessings as they were implemented.

We will divide this section based upon these 5 (five) topics of testimony. In the beginning of each testimony the country where they happened will be indicated. In the current stage of this site we already have included testimonies that took place in the following countries:

1. Americas
1.1. Brazil
1.2. United States
1.3. Canada
2. Western Europe
2.1. Ireland
2.2. Portugal
3. Eastern Europe
3.1. Belarus
3.2. Lithuania
3.3. Russia
3.4. Ukraine