Martyrs and Witnesses

Martyrs and Witnesses

This chapter compiles testimonial of brethren who were persecuted for their love of the Lord Jesus. A few were taken to prisons, others were even tortured and still others were killed for their love of the Gospel.

These testimonials are important so that the believers who do not suffer the same kind of persecution may know that, regardless of how much they do for the love of Christ, they are still doing little if compared to the former.

For the Church in the West, that was spared from greater persecution in the 20th Century, it is vital to know the testimonial of the Church in the East, who experimented the difficult times of communism, but remained faithful.

This knowledge of the faithfulness of the brethren in Europe and Asia who were stronger than their persecutors, faithful to the point of dying for the love of Christ, is useful to maintain the Church in the West in a humble position and not to be satisfied with the possessions of material goods, for these cannot be compared with the spiritual blessings that the Lord granted the Church in the East.

For the Church in the East, it will be useful to meditate on these experiences in order to be stimulated to be faithful like the witnesses and the martyrs were faithful, and to seek the same operation of the Holy Spirit through the spiritual gifts that this faithful church tried during the times of persecution.